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In 1983, I was graduating from Sam Houston State U. in Huntsville, Texas. My friend Julie told me I needed to have a write off and start my own business. I pondered this and couldn't decide weather to sell Avon, Mary Kay, or sell Tupperware. One of my mom's friend was selling jewelry and I asked her for a contact. I began Texas Gold Jewelry in the fall of 1983. Several times throughout the years, I would go help my uncle Mark work his booths selling food. He began Das Peach Haus in 1969. What I learned from him, was to get your product in front of people, He taught me Trade shows are a great way to advertise. (Besides DPS, he is now a partner of Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, which is based in Fredericksburg, Texas and is very successful.)

I have always had an ability to save money which is key in this type of business. I also listened to several words of wisdom. One line from famous artist Orin Mixer was, 'Carol, you keep it small, you keep it all.' Another bit of advice was.... You sell to the masses you eat with the classes, you sell to the classes, you eat with the masses. I have always kept these words of wisdom when my mind begins to have ideals of grandeur. So back to my story.

In the fall or 83, I invested 200.00 dollars from my 900 dollar paycheck. I would take my small pieces of 14k gold jewelry to the Wharton feed store in Wharton, Texas (owned by Timmy Barker) and little by little would sell some pieces here and there. In 1985, , I moved to the Rosenberg school district and began selling jewelry at a hair salon call High Style. Also, at this time the schools would allow teachers bring side businesses and sell to the teachers. So I had no trouble building my business. I taught school for 7 years all the while building this business and saving any money I could. By year (1989-1990) I lived off the business and bought a van with my teaching salary. By that time, I was making 24,500 a year teaching. I was eligible for food stamps. lol

After hit or miss on several trade shows, I changed my name to Tuxes from Texas and began a successful hand painted tux shirt business. I had an artist painting for me (Kathie Chan) at the Houston office, while I traveled around the country selling hand painted clothing. Each year I was able to get into bigger and better trade shows. I have been doing the same shows for 20 years now *.
In 1998, the industry fashion changed and tuxedo shirts went out so I changed my name to Cowgirl Glitter. I opened a website and began taking pictures, uploading and selling worldwide. Around the same time, I started selling Kippy products. I was the first to carry Kippy belts at the NFR, Denver Stock show and the Houston stock Show. For many years, Kippy was the innovator of sparkly belts. His designs are still selling and help me succeed in this business.

In 2004, I purchased my first home, I moved my Houston office to Dickinson, Texas, and built a warehouse in my back yard. My business has tripled and I am working harder than ever to bring new, fresh designs to you each year. Whether in tee shirts, belts, or caps... I am always looking for the next big selling item all the while trying to keep it small... haha.

Now on 2-26-2013, 30 years after this inception and on my mother's birthday, I am bringing you the coolest website on the market today. I have devoted my life to customer service, shipped 1000's of packages to the US and Worldwide, and answering the telephone /emails myself with a few office personnel along the way.

I can only thank all my customers who had trusted me to charge their credit card and deliver their order. It is you who have made me successful. I am also thankful to God for his grace, and my family for their encouragement.



Cowgirl Glitter™
Dickinson, Texas

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