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Sequin Baseball Caps by Cowgirl Glitter

Great selection. Cool Designs. $18.00 or 2 for $30.00

All Sequin Caps are hand made and imported by Cowgirl Glitter. Each had has been individually beaded to match the sequin vests. Feel free to browse and buy separately. All hats are now reduced to $18.00 or 2 for $30.00. Size is one size and fits most heads. There is a small stretch band with hole for pony tail in the back of hat.


 Shipping is by US postage and cost 8.50 for 1 cap, 10.00 for 2 caps, 12.00 for 3 caps.

Are you a store that needs some glitz to increase your sales? Please drop me a line if you are interested!

Sequin Caps





Cowgirl Glitter™
Dickinson, Texas

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